Learn Singapore History from staying at 5footway.inn Project Boat Quay

Hello World! This is Stayaddict here.

We’ve been requested by so many stayers to stay here. And also thank you to James and Nicole for recommending this Hostel. For us personally, they have great quality to become one of the top Hostel stay for tourists. Special Thanks to our Host Jesslyn during our stay. We were so amazed by your hospitality 🙂 Now, we know why a lot of people recommends us here.

Do you curious to know Why? Let’s check them out!

5footway.inn is managed by The Uncharted Co company. They are specialized in managing the boutique accomodations. No wonder they have built this 5footway.inn this big. Actually they have several 5footway.inn project in Singapore. Such as Project China Town 1 and 2 for travellers who love to eats and shops with affordable price. Project Ann Siang which is called their premium Boutique Hostel. Project Bugis for those who would like to travel near the Kampong Glam, and Project Boat Quay who is famous for their view along the Singapore river. So this post is dedicated for the Boat Quay project from which most of you both requested.

It’s not so hard to find this Hostel. You just have to take MRT from the Airport to Raffles Place MRT and then take the exit to UOB Tower, after that you walk along the boat quay around 3 mins and voila! You can see the 5footway.inn signage there beside the TianTian Restaurant.

This is one of the main point why our teams love this Hostel. They are very strategic. They are located in the Central of Singapore. It’s very near to go everywhere from here. If you are a Businessman who just built your startup and want some cheap yet classy and strategic location. this is the perfect place for you.

Even the board greet us so well right?

Their Lobby and Their receptions are so wonderful. First time we reached here, they are so completely classic and gorgeous. They just know how to put things in the right position to make it looks bigger. The fact that their lobby is so cozy is the other reasons that our team loves their Hostel. One of our team almost dozed off while waiting for the room to be prepared actually :p

They bring the Singapore theme to this Hostel. As for us, we love to know a lot of information from their local food, their local ancestors, their houses, their languages and etc. It looks like we are at the museum tour while we stayed there. Isn’t it genious for the modern concept of Hostel?

Singlish Dictionary :p

As youngsters, we should be curious shouldn’t we?

We agreed that this Hostel taught us more about how lovely Singapore is, and about their nationalism from history to history ( which we always tend to forget ). We really appreaciate everyone who not only built but also stick to the National value such as this 5footway.inn Project Boat Quay. Well done team!

We reserved a quadruple room there. And it goes like this

The room was quite small for 4 persons. But since it was for Budgetary Stay, it’s considered okay. Well after we explore Singapore, we would like to just stay in our bed wouldn’t we? They offer free wi-fi and hey they give us free simcard to be used. Thanks a lot for your hospitality

Their bathroom is located on the 1st and 2nd floor. As for men, they are located near the lobby. The others are for girls

The bathroom is big enough, and you don’t need to worry or afraid of queuing, when we stay there we never have to queue for our Morning Wash or Evening Refreshment. And they have prepared soap and Shampoo as well. If you happen to forget to bring the towel, yes they can rent the towel just for 2$.

They have the terrace for breakfast and leisure purpose. The terrace is called Gallery 76. They are originally made for Edwin Koo, a Singapore noted Photographer. So basically this Gallery 76 consisted of his crafthands photo and journal.

While you are having your breakfast or leisure to have an enjoyable relaxation, you are accompanied by this view

Believe me their night photos are more tempting

You can find a lot of ootd spots for your Instagram as well 🙂

Our team were amazed by one of the check-in machine which were seldom to be found in Hostel chain. Yet they have it. Just scan your passport, Credit Card and you are on your way 🙂

So we do really recommend for staying here, for both of you who are having quite low budget but still want to be entertained as well. They deliver not only the luxury within the simple box but also wrap the simplicity behind.

And for more info Please kindly check their website and Promotion!

Special for All the Stayers, they have Special promocode when you are booking their property. You just have to enter the promo code


and simply email them to  promotion@5footwayinn.com  . The Promo code is valid until October 2017

We wish the best of luck for 5footway.inn Project Boat Quay. And we wish to stay at your other property as well.


5footway.inn Project Boat Quay
76 Boat Quay


-Stayers Review-
🎗Wonderful ( 8.7/10 )
💰Affordable ( 9.5/10 )
🏆Hospitality ( 8.3/10 )


Stay in the Vibrant One Farrer Hotel and Spa

Hi World!

This is stayaddict here.

Last month, we are busy travelling to some Asia Spots for the leisure of your reading.

We are going to Singapore! and we stayed at a very affordable 5 star Hotel In Singapore. Please kindly check our journey 🙂

One Farrer Hotel and Spa opened on September 2014. It is located near the Farrer Park MRT Station from exit A, and then you can go straight across the street to reach the Hotel. It is located on the Conexxion Complex.

We were so astonished that they have this hotel so central yet so modern in their classic way.

we were amazed from entering the Lobby, their nice Receptionist greet us and welcome us. It feels like home

Thank You Gilbert Madhavan for greeting us to stay in the vibrant Lion City.

So here’s the room tour for all the stayers!

They have this place for us to sit to enjoy Singapore view 

we had our personal own cinemas here! if you’re happened to be doing your business during your vacation and job leave, and tired to walk away to watch some movies. They have it here at an affordable price and quite updated. So your fun begins at the touch of your hands.


We always love the idea of hotel having the Rain Shower, usually during the heat of Singapore and tired of walking from one station to another staion or from another shopping Mal. Hence, we can clean ourselves up in the pouring shower rain. Exquisite!

They have their Infinity Swimming Pool. It can be accessed from morning until night, so if you are travelling with children, it will be one positive plus point for us to play along.

If you want to enjoy the sky while sipping off your Martini, you can go directly to Flip Flop Restaurant or the Sunset Bar  

We don’t forget to mention the place of your retreat at Spa Retreat.

Their hotel name speaks a lot, You should try their spa, it’s very relaxing and very affordable. We tried it once and back to have it again the next day =p

They also have the 24 hour gym for the gym freaks and lovers and we were surprised that on the day we tried the gym, they have a gym instructor there. well done 🙂

For the breakfast. They have a lot of choices from western, asian, signature dish, singaporean special, salads, cereals and so on that can give you a deep impression of eating your breakfast at Escape Restaurant. so Yummy!

Frankly speaking this 5 star hotel has offered a great hospitality. If you plan to travel to Singapore and want to try Hotel besides the orchard area, this is the right deal. Their service is 5 star. We are planning to go back again! see you very soon One Farrer Hotel and Spa. Thank you for the kindness and warm welcome for Stayaddict team 🙂

One Farrer Hotel and Spa
1 Farrer Park Station Road
217562 .
Phone : +65-6363-0101
🗓One Farrer Hotel and Spa
-Stayers Review-
🎗Exquisite ( 9.0/10 )
💰Affordable ( 9.5/10 )
🏆Hospitality ( 9.1/10 )