Staycation at The Westin Jakarta

Hi World! This is Stayaddict Here.

Jakarta is getting famous right now, because a lot of Group Hotel has invested their shares here, such as Hilton, SPG, Marriott, The-Ritz, Ayana, Alila and etc. Indonesia will be a great market to expand their credibility and existence. Last month, stay addict got a chance to stay in one of the newly opened Hotels called The Westin Jakarta. So, we would like to share our staycation there.

Let’s not wait any longer and check it out 🙂

The Westin Jakarta is located in Kuningan district, strategically located in the heart of the city which  belongs to the one of the biggest business district areas in Jakarta, Indonesia.

This hotel has opened since a few months ago and has been so famous among the Jakartans. They aim for the luxury and business market. As one of the top products from SPG ( Starwood Preferred Guest ) Group, The Westin Jakarta is considered to be one of the most favorite hotels for Business-Traveller.

The Westin’s  lobby is located on the 52nd floor.Through the windows from the high of their elegant lobby, the guests will be fascinated by looking at the picturesque view of the city of Jakarta.

Every single room here is decorated in a classic way to make sure the level of comfortness is up to the limit. They even bring the face of Jakarta to be enjoyed in each room, that’s absolutely how brilliant of a hotel can be.

Their hospitality is beyond expectation. The staffs gave a heartwarming welcome and served us excellently. Don’t forget to join their Loyalty Program :p

Have you thought about eating in the sky? Their Seasonal Tastes Restaurant is the place you’re looking for. They served guests for breakfast, lunch and romantic dinner.

It is a pleasure for us to know that The Westin Jakarta had celebrated their First anniversary this month. Cheers to Infinity and beyond!


The Westin Jakarta

Jl H.R. Rasuna Said Blok C No 22, Karet Kuningan
Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia


Phone : +62-21 2788 7788 

🗓Westin Jakarta
📩 from Direct Website

-Stayers Review-
🎗Exquisite ( 9.3/10 )
💰Affordable ( 8.4/10 )
🏆Hospitality ( 9.1/10 )



Amazing Experience at Conrad Bali

Hi World! This is Stayaddict here.

We’re back to Bali! or should we say the island of Paradise? We’ve had a stay over for 2 nights in Bali. We got the chance to experience one of the finest Hotel Conrad in Bali. Let’s have a hippy yippie reading stayers 🙂

As we entered their lobby, we found out that their lobby is very classic. It’s filled with yellow lamps clothed in brownish grey, a really great combination for the perfect ambience.

As we’re escorted to the room, we found out that this hotel is really meant for people who loves to have their private time staying in Hotel or just to relax and relieve their stress. They have a private pool, spa and reflexology, an established area to play with family, a romantic place for having dinner, and not forget to mention the private beach!

The room itself is great, please take a look at the room where we stayed .

At that time, one of our team had their honeymoon, so Voila! They decorated the room specially for them. Thank You so much Conrad Bali, we really appreciate your hospitality.

Even in their regular room, they gave us this amazing view straight access from the balcony of our room. Wasn’t it great to have this view while slurping your Pinacolada?

Are you thinking about having romantic dinner here? We can read your mind  :p

The facilities that are provided by Conrad is probably one of the best in the world. When we saw the pool, exactly our mind had swum there drowning in perfection, amazed with how nice this pool to be true.

Conrad Bali is also famous of its Wedding Chapel which is called “The Infinity Chapel”. We wish that someday our team would have celebrated a wedding here #fingerscrossed

Last but not least, the highlight of this trip is their private beach. We lost for words after what we saw this beach with our own eyes. How could their spectacular view was linked to the Hotel?

We knew that we might exaggerated it a bit, but you wouldn’t be holding your opposition against us if you were there experiencing it by yourselves.

So, Thank You Conrad Bali for the great experience! We will come back again for sure.


Conrad Hotel Bali

Jl Pratama 168, Tanjung Benoa
Bali, Indonesia


Phone : +62-361-778-788

🗓Conrad Hotel Bali

-Stayers Review-
🎗Extravagant ( 9.4/10 )
💰Affordable ( 9.0/10 )
🏆Hospitality ( 9.5/10 )



Staying at Awesome Hilton Hotel Bandung

Hi World! This is Stayaddict here.

This time, we will have a review for Hilton Hotel Bandung Yeayy! As I spent my University life in this town, Hilton Hotel is always on my top list when it comes to a Luxury hotel to stay in Bandung.

Without further notice, let’s check it out 🙂

Hilton Hotel is located in the center of Bandung City, West Java, Indonesia. It only takes 10 minutes from the airport and 5 mins from the train station. It is surrounded by lots of food choices around the street. Just behind the Hotel, you can go to the new built mall Paskal 23 and Food Market which sells more than 1000 varieties of food in Paskal Food Market in the complex of Paskal Hyper Square. Isn’t it fascinating for your holiday with your loved ones? Just one stop solution for your-holiday-thing.


The reception and the lobby themselves said a lot of things. We’re just fond of how they design along the carpet along with the tables and the glasses so they just perfectly fit for the lighting and the comfortable ambiance. Stayers like this!

The legendary stairs! It is often used for pre-wedding photo shoot. Well we’re looking at it with our own eyes now.

We booked the twin bed room for last trip and Voila!

The first thing, the room is so big, a lot of space to fill and to play in. We were surprised that the twin beds were so big as well. Actually, it can cover up to 4 people in 2 beds. So if you are travelling with kids, It will benefit you a lot. Next time we will try their executive rooms for sure 🙂

The second thing, their facility around the Hotel is superb!

We love how they mix authenticity with glamour. We love the idea of having this cage in the pool.  It’s perfectly romantic for your getaway. They have gym for 24 hours in an instant access of your hand and spa for your refreshment.


The third thing, their breakfast!

simply uh-maa-zing.

They have a lot of varieties such as Asian, Western, traditional local food, kids meal, and healthy food. The restaurant is quite big so you don’t have to be afraid of the crowd and other inconvenience things.

Last but not least is the way they love environment so much. Not every hotel dedicates itself to contribute to the environment. For that issue, we strongly recommend you to have a stay in their property. Bandung will always have a place in our heart especially because of their nice weather, the nice people, and their food. We wish you a great luck Hilton Hotel Bandung! Till we meet again 🙂

So what are you waiting for stayers?



Hilton Hotel Bandung

Bandung, West Java


Phone : +62-22-8606-6888

🗓Hilton Hotel Bandung

-Stayers Review-
🎗Wonderful ( 9.0/10 )
💰Affordable ( 8.7/10 )
🏆Hospitality ( 9.1/10 )

Newly Opened Four Seasons Jakarta

Hi Stayers! This is stayaddict here.

So today, you’re gonna having the newly opened Four Seasons Hotel Jakarta. Wohoo!

Actually last time Jakarta had this hotel but for some reasons they rebuilt the hotel and move to a nicer location in the Prime area in Gatot Subroto Street. This hotel had already been established few months before.

We couldn’t ask for more because it’s Four Seasons. When we enter the room we were so amazed by the grand design of the room. Do you feel the same thing like us do?

Thinking about staying like a king in this hotel ?

To be honest, our team agreed to say this that luxury comes with classic behind it. The way they entertain the customers make our hearts flutter. You should try it for yourself.

Their grand hall entrance to the room.

Thinking about sitting while you are waiting to go down to lobby?

One big grand design flower at the center. Stayers loved this so much. It gives a warm accent and cozy at the same time

A lot of Stayers asked us about taking photos for the breakfast as well, so here they are, exquisite!


        Do you want to have a breakfast with me?

So, a lot of stayers requested to have shorter review for upcoming Hotel. So we did one. Tell us what do you think about this? Is it too short? Or do you prefer the old one?

Four Seasons Hotel Jakarta

Capital Place, Jl Jend. Gatot Subroto Kav 18Kuningan Barat, Jakarta, Indonesia

Phone : +62 (21) 2277-1888
🗓Four Seasons Hotel 
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-Stayers Review-
🎗Wonderful ( 9.4/10 )
💰Affordable ( 9.0/10 )
🏆Hospitality ( 9.6/10 )

The lavish stay in Courtyard Seminyak Bali

Hi world! This is stayaddict here.

Because a lot of stayers requested our review for this hotel so here we are!

Enjoy the reviews

Courtyard by Marriott actually has 2 locations in Bali namely Seminyak and Nusa Dua. In this post, we would have a recap of Staying in Courtyard by Marriott Seminyak Bali.

It’s not that hard to find this Hotel as it is located around the great area of Seminyak which is Cafe heaven for all the travellers.

Because we arrived at night, the lighting of the hotel uplifts all the interior for this 5 star hotels.

If you are a first-timer to travel to Bali, one thing that you should know Bali Hotel should not be built taller than the tallest Coconut Tree. But what we love about Bali hotel is that they have built in such a way for every travellers to enjoy the stay not also pleasantly but also extravagantly.

The receptionist greeted us with warm welcome and give us the hot towel and the eccentric greetings of “Om-Swastiastu” means May the blessing of God always be with you.

Stayers always love the feeling of surprise when we entered our new room. The room is quite big for us. Another thing that we love is the picture hanging on the room. Hey! it’s so classic yet so amazing , because we do love classic things.

The bathroom is also nice. They put the wardrobe cabinet inside so much likely our room is bigger than it seems. Don’t forget to mention that they have the rain shower facility for us. Especially stayers like us who love to go to the beach. Yes, it helps us a lot when we want to cleanse our body from all the dirts and sands. Thank You ! It’s really a pleasant 🙂

Outside the room, they prepare the balcony for us to stay to see the sunsets or just to rejuvenate ourselves further

Isn’t it amazing?

Courtyard by Marriott Seminyak offers a pool-bar which we can just having your intimate chit chat or just simply get your bottles of drinks.

Bringing your kids here are also a good idea because they can play freely in the pool or in the garden while we are enjoying our mojito 🙂

And for the breakfast! The most exciting part when we stay in a hotel. They have seminyak Kitchen and Seminyak Meat Shop. Basically Seminyak Kitchen is for the international Buffet Dining and Semiyak Meat Shop is for your steak craving.

We haven’t got the chance to try the seminyak meat shop but it should be an excuse for us to go back to Bali, shouldn’t we?


They have a lot of choices from the Healthy one, to the Western, all the pastries and breads, Indonesian Food, Indian, Fresh Juices . Exquisite!

And we don’t forget to write our Honorable Mention which make us smile more even brighter when staying in this hotel namely the ‘What The Truck’ 

They Served mexican food. So For all mexican, it was an honor for you guys to have a taste of home here. But last time we tried the Balinese coffee. So good! Really 🙂

In Our team opinion, this hotel is worth the price. Even if we just stayed here for a night, the memory keeps popping up inside our head. Thank You so much Bali! Literally we will go back soon

Courtyard by Marriott, Seminyak Bali
Jalan Camplung Tanduk No 103 SP, Dhyana Pura  Seminyak Bali  80361 Indonesia 
Phone : +62-361-8499-600
🗓Courtyard by Marriott Seminyak
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-Stayers Review-
🎗Pleasant Stay ( 8.6/10 )
💰Affordable ( 8.7/10 )
🏆Hospitality ( 9.0/10 )



Top Reasons why you should stay in Fairmont Hotel Jakarta ( Review )

Hi, This is Stayaddict here!

Nowadays, hotels don’t only present for the holidays but also the lifestyle as well. Whether someone would like to freshen a bit, would like have fun, or just simply having a staycation to refresh this soul. Stayers got a chance to visit this new Trendy Built Hotel last november.

And we have some best reasons for us to have a staycation in Fairmont Jakarta Hotel during your busy week here.

1.You will fall in love with the designs

I don’t know what comes up on your mind, but when we first come to this hotel. We were likee wooaaa. Stayers really love the designs, from classic to elegant to simply sophisticated luxury. And simply we love the way their reception greet us “welcome to Fairmont Hotels Jakarta” a great hospitality. And yes! They have a separate reception in case you will stay at Sky Suites. Such a priviledge.



2.They simply have all the restaurants you need to try inside

Whether it’s from the Spectrum Fine Dining Restaurant, The Sapori Deli where you can fulfill your expectation about your bakery needs, the VIEW Restaurant where your can taste the European and Asian Indulgence, the skyline dinner at K22, The Japanase Senshu Restaurant, The poolside dining restaurant ( We ate a lot here ) , their own Indonesian Restaurant 1945 , the beautiful Barong Bar for your cocktails and don’t forget to mention your beautiful peacock lounge for afternoon tea. It will simply satisfy your craving

3.They have Motion Blue

Motion Blue is a place where you can satisfy your Music / Show addict. unfortunately, when we came, there were no shows at the time. But it’s simply a reason for us to going back isn’t it?


4.Relax yourself a bit in House of Yuen

When it comes to relaxation, they really have the way to offer their customer. Simply get your feet to this Place! they offered an affordable and great experience of enjoying life

5.They have great Shops!

Luxury doesn’t come alone, They bring their friends too.

These are our top 5 reasons to have a taste in this Hotel! Have you tried which one is yours?

Visit Their Hotel for more info:


*Fairmont Hotel Senayan Jakarta

Jl Asia Afrika no 8, Gelora Bung Karno

Jakarta Indonesia 10270



Phone:1-800-257-7544 (CANADA & U.S.)

+62-21-2970-3333 ( Indonesia )


-Stayers Review-

?Extravagant ( 9.2/10 )
?Affordable ( 8.8/10 )
?Hospitality ( 9.5/10 )

Weekend Staycation at Hariston Hotel Jakarta

Hi World,

We got a great chance to stay in a new 4 stars Hotel near the Business District side of Pluit Jakarta called Hariston Hotel.

If you currently have a business or weekend staycation to refresh your mind. Yes, this is right for you and your family.

They offered us a great yet affordable price around IDR 500k++ including breakfast.


They have this lobby lounge to have a chill while you are waiting.


These are their room and their facilities

and they still have this kind of radio! yello to oldschool mates 🙂

Sadly when we arrive there, their TV and some other facilities are in reparation. Yes, they need some changes to attract people to come here. But overall their hospitality is quite good. You can consider it, if you have low budget and willing to stay in the northern of Jakarta for some days.

Visit Their Hotel for more info:


*Hariston Hotel and Suites

Jalan Terusan Bandengan Utara No.1, Penjaringan, RT.6/RW.16, Pejagalan, Penjaringan, Kota Jkt Utara, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 14450


Phone:(+62-21) 66602277


-Stayers Review-

?Pleasant Stay ( 7.4/10 )
?Affordable ( 8.1/10 )
?Hospitality ( 7.6/10 )


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