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Hi World! This is Stayaddict here.

This time, we will have a review for Hilton Hotel Bandung Yeayy! As I spent my University life in this town, Hilton Hotel is always on my top list when it comes to a Luxury hotel to stay in Bandung.

Without further notice, let’s check it out 🙂

Hilton Hotel is located in the center of Bandung City, West Java, Indonesia. It only takes 10 minutes from the airport and 5 mins from the train station. It is surrounded by lots of food choices around the street. Just behind the Hotel, you can go to the new built mall Paskal 23 and Food Market which sells more than 1000 varieties of food in Paskal Food Market in the complex of Paskal Hyper Square. Isn’t it fascinating for your holiday with your loved ones? Just one stop solution for your-holiday-thing.


The reception and the lobby themselves said a lot of things. We’re just fond of how they design along the carpet along with the tables and the glasses so they just perfectly fit for the lighting and the comfortable ambiance. Stayers like this!

The legendary stairs! It is often used for pre-wedding photo shoot. Well we’re looking at it with our own eyes now.

We booked the twin bed room for last trip and Voila!

The first thing, the room is so big, a lot of space to fill and to play in. We were surprised that the twin beds were so big as well. Actually, it can cover up to 4 people in 2 beds. So if you are travelling with kids, It will benefit you a lot. Next time we will try their executive rooms for sure 🙂

The second thing, their facility around the Hotel is superb!

We love how they mix authenticity with glamour. We love the idea of having this cage in the pool.  It’s perfectly romantic for your getaway. They have gym for 24 hours in an instant access of your hand and spa for your refreshment.


The third thing, their breakfast!

simply uh-maa-zing.

They have a lot of varieties such as Asian, Western, traditional local food, kids meal, and healthy food. The restaurant is quite big so you don’t have to be afraid of the crowd and other inconvenience things.

Last but not least is the way they love environment so much. Not every hotel dedicates itself to contribute to the environment. For that issue, we strongly recommend you to have a stay in their property. Bandung will always have a place in our heart especially because of their nice weather, the nice people, and their food. We wish you a great luck Hilton Hotel Bandung! Till we meet again 🙂

So what are you waiting for stayers?



Hilton Hotel Bandung

Bandung, West Java


Phone : +62-22-8606-6888

🗓Hilton Hotel Bandung

-Stayers Review-
🎗Wonderful ( 9.0/10 )
💰Affordable ( 8.7/10 )
🏆Hospitality ( 9.1/10 )

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